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Available on Steam for $7.99 US. "You awake to discover yourself no longer in the company of good men or a fine seafaring vessel. Treasure... you remember something about treasure."

I've been a member of the Wayward team since December 2016. Originally my changes were small, but quickly I got into redesigning and reimplementing the UI, and since then I've been active in all aspects of the game, from UI/UX redesign to rewriting systems to improving the modder experience.

I'm not completely happy with Wayward overall yet, but I'm still actively working on it and often adding things that I'm super proud of!

Wayward: Evolution of the inspection/tooltip system

Wayward's UI has evolved a lot over the years, and in recent years most of those changes have been me redoing things. Recently — over the past two versions — I've been doing a lot of work on the inspection system, trying to make it more powerful for all the cases we need it. But I figured that there might be people interested in seeing the whole evolution of it!

Also, if you stick around to the end, some fun new features will be shown off. Get excited!

The inception of "world tooltips"

World tooltips were first introduced in Wayward Beta 2.1 "Appearance", allowing you to hover over doodads, creatures, corpses, and more. Here's a couple examples of tooltips from back then: