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Destiny 2: Witch Queen Review

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is the best expansion so far, mostly by way of the campaign, which was extremely long and leagues above previous entries. The story was good, capping off the best year of Destiny's seasonal content in its entire history. Everything to do with the game has been moving in a great direction, but that doesn't mean Destiny is perfect, however. Many of the issues it used to have are still present. Being past the powerful cap now, and having experienced everything the expansion has to offer (except for the high-difficulty lost sectors and the raid), it's about time I collect my thoughts on the expansion.

Destiny 2: No, Shattered Realm is Not Good, Actually

In Season of the Lost, Bungie introduced a new activity called Shattered Realm. I'm not a fan.

First, some background details, for those not in the know: Shattered Realm is on a weekly cycle, exploring one of three different regions. The regions are fairly sizable, and somewhat labyrinthian. Your objective is to align three beacons, which involes two forced defend-the-objective encounters that stretch on for about two minutes each, and a boss.

As the season has gone on, we've unlocked more and more abilities with our Wayfinder's Compass — the seasonal artefact — which allows us to get through additional barriers, or spot new secrets in the Shattered Realm. They're called "mysteries," from trivial to ascendant. Basically, it's just a bunch of chests all over the place, each one giving a triumph.