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Commissions Open! Please take a look!

Hi there! My name is Chiri and I currently live in New Zealand with my girlfriends QuietValerie, LuminaMystere, and Trashlyn. However, I'm not going to be able to stay here with them unless I can scrounge up the money to submit a visa application and for it to actually be approved. Which is going to be difficult considering we've been struggling to gain the income to buy food all year.

As a result, it's time for drastic measures — I'm opening up commissions for every type of content I can make.

Descriptions about the kinds of content and my starting pricing is below. If you can't quite afford the pricing, feel free to give me a message anyway, depending on how many commission requests I've had, I'll probably be cool with lowering the price. If you want anything, send me a message on Discord, my username is chirivulpes, or send me an email.

Just want to support me? Here's my PayPal.


I can write any kind of fiction, I don't do nonfiction and I tend to prefer not having to do research. I'm up for writing pretty much anything, with any kind of protagonist or relationship, but I reserve the right to veto things I'm not comfortable with (sensitive or disturbing content mostly, which includes anything in the ballpark of mind control or identity death).

Pricing: $50 US / 2000 words

Samples: | Scribble Hub


I'm not great at drawing people or animals unless I'm allowed to do them as silhouettes. I'd like to think I'm pretty good at everything else though. Again, I reserve the right to veto things I'm not comfortable with.

Pricing: $50 US / image

  • Pricing increases based on complexity & number of requested revisions



I've been doing music for years, but I've never been great at producing the kinds of sounds I want, so my music tends to stay pretty simple. If you like the sound of it though, by all means, I'll try to make whatever you like.

Pricing: $100 US / 2 mins audio

  • I may go a bit over or under the 2 mins threshold depending on how the song feels
  • Pricing increases based on number of requested revisions


Web/Software Development, Design

I have a lot of experience with single-page applications and other static websites. I'm not as experienced with backend development and probably would decline commissions involving that. If you don't understand what that means, feel free to contact me. I've also made many node modules before for use in development, and I'm experienced with electron, so I'm up for doing that.


  • SPA or static website: Starting at $300 US
  • Node module: Starting at $200 US
  • Web game (2D): Starting at $1000 US
  • Web game (3D): Starting at $2000 US
  • Electron app: Starting at $2000 US

Pricing increases based on complexity & number of requested revisions

Samples: | GitHub

Editing, Design Feedback, Etc

I'm willing to do pretty much whatever you like. I'm pretty comfortable providing feedback for a number of projects, pointing out the good and the bad, figuring out what's fixable, suggesting the simplest tweaks to improve something.

Pricing: Starting at $20 US

  • Pricing increases based on scope of project, IE the time it'll take me to go through it taking notes and stuff

Other Stuff

Want me to try something else? Feel free to send me a message and we can probably work something out!

Thank you for taking a look! Love y'all!